Positive thinking

Pregnant womanSo I am now 25 weeks pregnant, can’t believe how quickly the time is flying by! We are almost there with sorting the ‘nursery’ (it previously was our spare bedroom/music room/drying room and place to store toot) and we have bought most of the items we think we will need. I will post a picture once everything is in its correct place (at the moment we just have a heap of baby items spread across the room!)

Although I am nearly in the last trimester of my pregnancy I am amazed at how friends with children love to tell us how they will ruin our social life (although mine and Jon’s social life currently revolves around dog walks and pub lunches so I think it will be pretty easy to accommodate our new family member!) and all the difficulties they had during their birth. We went for lunch with friends of ours at the weekend, one has a 4 year old child and the other is due to give birth to her first child in July. The one with the 4 year old took great pleasure in telling us how she didn’t have any pain relief as the anaesthetist was in theatre, and there were lots of complications, not to mention the PAIN which she loved to tell us about.

Needless to say my friend who is due to give birth was not impressed and neither was I, this isn’t what we needed to hear! Speaking with other pregnant women, I have heard this is very common, friends with children love to tell their horror stories.

I know that birth isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but I wish people would focus on the positives and instead of regaling us with stories about the pain tell us about relaxation techniques etc they used during the birth . Therefore I am going to start a trend amongst my friends, telling expectant mothers of the joys of pregnancy, the positive side of giving birth and the amazing journey I am embarking on as a first time mum. Here’s to wishful thinking! Rosie X


3 thoughts on “Positive thinking

  1. Hi Rosie – we’re at a similar stage of pregnancy (am 29 weeks) and I can absolutely relate. Why do people share pregnancy horror stories with pregnant people?!?! I would NEVER think to tell someone going for, say, an op to remove their tonsils about other people I know where its gone hideously wrong. Gah! Here’s to the positive stories you mention I 100% agree with you.
    Good luck with your pregnancy …

    • Hey Milly,

      Thanks for the comment, sounds like it isn’t just my friends who take pleasure in regaling their horror stories! Here’s to positivity 🙂 Good luck with your pregnancy too, look forward to reading your updates. Rosie x

  2. YES! I have dealt with this all the time and it’s super annoying. I have some friends who are also first timers a couple weeks and months behind me and I make sure I just try to be positive with everything. Every pregnancy and labor and delivery is different- just cause they had a terrible time doesn’t mean you will too!! Best of luck with your pregnancy- looking forward to following along 🙂

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