Rod Stewart, Buses, Business as Usual

Rod has a beer belly!

Rod has a beer belly!

Rod Stewart at Somerset County Cricket Ground

Rod Stewart at Somerset County Cricket Ground

Yesterday I went to see Rod Stewart perform at Somerset County Cricket ground with my aunt and mother in law. Had a fab day starting with a bite to eat in one of my favourite restaurants – the Cosy Club – and a short waddle to the cricket ground where we had great seats. It was amazing to see the transformation!

Turns out bump isn’t too fussed by Rod Stewart, but she did wriggle lots during the big band warm up act DixieMix Jazz band think we have a jazz musician in the making, time to dig out my saxophone!

Rod Stewart was brilliant as always, listening to him with the sun setting was bliss. All I needed was a Pimms and lemonade or gin and tonic, but instead I settled for a ‘full fat’ coke with the name ‘Mark’ on it!

After a nightmare of a journey home (2 hour wait for the park and ride) I got into bed at 01:45, woke up about 3am with excruciating leg cramp (wonders of pregnancy!) and up again at 6 for work, no rest for the wicked!

Struggling a bit today with work and the heat; bump is definitely stretching, and I keep finding myself going off balance so I need to be careful and not over exert myself. I’ve got a huge to do list of things that need to be done at work before the weekend, but at least the perk of working for myself is that I can take a mid afternoon nap which I think I definitely need today, especially as I am performing with the Royal Navy Volunteer Band in a concert this evening, roll on 11pm when I can roll into bed! 🙂


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