500 words a day

Sounds do-able, I’m going to try it out!

Creative Writer PhD

ImageMy supervisor has set me a challenge. OK, so not so much a challenge, but I see it as a challenge.

He asked me what time of the day I felt I did my best writing. I said after lunch. So he said, OK, I want you to sit down at 1pm and stay there until you write 500 words, or until 4pm, whichever comes first. As soon as you write 500 words, you stop. If you haven’t written 500 words by 4pm, you stop. Before that time and after that time, you can do whatever you want. He said I should only do that Monday to Friday. I should take the weekends off.

It is amazing how much pressure this simple little plan has taken off me, AND how much more I am writing. In the beginning, I was pretty slack with my flexible (not 1-4pm) time. Doing a bit of…

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