Letting yourself stop before you can move forward


I hope that you all had a good weekend; I was busy working yesterday and didn’t get a chance to blog. We had a great weekend involving dog walks, a friend’s 50th birthday party, a local country fair, and lots of sunshine, which meant we could have a mammoth wash of baby clothes!

Lately I have been fretting over prioritising my ever growing to do list, should I dedicate whole days to running my business and working on my PhD or should I split my days so that the mornings (which is when I work best) are dedicated to my PhD writing, and the afternoon’s are dedicated to more administration based tasks for my company. I feel I am often pulled in lots of directions; when I am writing my literature review for my PhD I am thinking about the telephone calls I need to make or emails I need to respond to for my company, and vice versa. This is definitely a catch 22!

How have you found juggling various commitments? Of course I am concious that this will all turn upside down once the baby is here, but I feel I need to start some sort of a routine now!

I am going to take a leaf out of my pregnancy yoga classes, we always begin by allowing ourselves to stop, step back from our busy lives and focus on our breathing (mainly on the important out breath). By doing this we are able to slow down and focus on ourselves and our baby before preparing our body to engage previously unused muscles (this is the part when I feel a bit like a weeble, my balance is terrible at the moment!)

Adapting this principle to a work environment I am going to take a step back, breathe, and allow myself to become open to working in different ways. I am yet to decide how to manage tasks for both the business and my PhD, perhaps instead of daily tasks I should set weekly ones and see on a daily basis which tasks I feel I should focus on (and ignore the voice reminding me of the rest of the items on my list).

For now, I will take a step back, have a nice cup of coffee (my one and only of the day!) and catch up on everyone’s blog posts, before starting the day again.


Rosie x



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