A week of ‘lasts’ before I start my new chapter

Happy Friday, where does the time go?!!

This week has been a bit emotional, finishing working with some lovely clients before I go on maternity leave. I finished working in two hospitals this week, and yesterday I had such a lovely last day at one hospital, I even had one bay of male patients all singing together; it was fantastic and makes me realise I’m going to miss this sort of interaction whilst I’m off.

However, the plus is that I am finishing early so that I can dedicate some much needed time to my PhD and to running my business. It is a great feeling to know that over the next 3 months (if baby doesn’t come early!) I can work on both ventures over 4 days per week; something I haven’t managed to do since starting my business 5 years ago.

At times I may feel insecure not having the stability of knowing I have regular work coming in each week (and the financial benefits that goes with this), but the satisfaction of having the freedom to focus on my studies and business goals will be fantastic. So here’s to next week and the beginning of my new chapter!

Rosie x


Non alcoholic of course!

Non alcoholic of course!



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