Tips for Starting a Business

This morning has been spent organising all of my journal articles into Endnote, and searching databases for new references to add, this has been no easy task! As I sit waiting for Endnote to search over 1,000 references for their full texts I have been performing my usual mid-day ritual, trawling twitter of interesting articles.

I came across a really interesting and well written article by Alex Ritchie on taking the plunge into self employment

I completely agree with her points, especially being flexible and making the most of networking. Being self employed can be quite lonely at first (I can imagine even more so if you have a small child) and so networks (both online and offline) can be a god-send. I don’t think my business could have taken off in the way it has without the advice and guidance from business mentors, other industry professionals and of course the support of my husband, family and friends.

Being self-employed can be risky and a huge change from the stability of employment; however, I agree with Alex, it can also give you more control of your future, it’s really what you make of it.

I’d love to hear from other people (mums and dads) juggling running their business and being a parent, do you have any tips for people starting a business or becoming a parent for the first time?

Hope it is lovely and sunny wherever you are!

Rosie x

P.S thought you would like this very unrealistic picture of self employment, if only it were like this!

Wish self employment was like this!

Wish self employment was like this!


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