Working in Academia

As I sit waiting for Endnote to find the full text for my latest group of references (I still love Endnote!) I’m thinking about my long-term goal – to work in academia and to become a lecturer in arts and health.

You may think I’m crazy (perhaps I am!) but I really feel this is where I want my career path to take me; it may take a long time via many different routes, but somehow I would like to end up with a lecture post at a University in the Southwest (a girl can dream!)

My plan is to of course finish my PhD (estimated finish date 2018!) and then get a post-doctorate research position, and in the meantime gain teaching experience through my University. I was wondering if anyone else has got into working in academia through a slightly different route?

My main concern is that my PhD is of course very specialised – the effects of music for patients with dementia in an acute hospital – how can I then lecture on a broader topic such as music and sociology or arts and health in general?

I would appreciate any advice from others who have become lecturers or are thinking of choosing this career path. I have a lot of time to think about this, but you will learn I am a very organised person and used to planning many years ahead!

Some people will say I need to live in the moment more; perhaps having a baby will change my perspective!

Rosie x

Career path


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