On being eight months pregnant

I have all this to look forward to!…

This Working Mum

Ok… so strictly there are a total of 16 things below. I couldn’t resist adding a further eight specifically about working and being pregnant too.


Eight things about being eight months pregnant

  1. You have to embrace the waddle. The waddle walk has become a part of you. Do not try and fight it. Do not try and wear high heels and do not try and look good walking in high heels
  2. If you run, walk fast, or maybe just even walk further than 100m, it feels like your baby could fall out at any second
  3. Cross your legs when you wee, cough or laugh. You know why
  4. You have a battle with what to wear every morning. In fact, you get out of breath just trying to get dressed. Tight tops just emphasise that your boobs are resting on your belly. Who cares
  5. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t have…

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