Productivity vs Comfort

girl with laptop

I am writing this whilst sat on the sofa (with two very sleepy spaniels either side of me). This new working space has been created as I woke up with terrible back ache and sitting at my usual desk isn’t helping no matter how I arrange cushions behind me. The most comfortable place to sit is on a huge gym ball I am using, but I feel trying to sit on this whilst balancing my laptop on my lap may be a bit risky!

I have found that I feel guilty for doing work whilst sat on the sofa; my productivity has gone down slightly as my body seems to be in relaxed mode! Although I will be more productive sat here than in pain at my desk…

It it just me that feels like this? How do other women cope working from home (or working in general) whilst in their third trimester? I have been very good and not sat outside enjoying the sun (as my productivity would be zilch!)

Likewise if you have any tips for relieving back pain let me know!

I know that I will want to plough on through with work today, but I must remind myself to listen to my body and take regular breaks. Our little girl is currently kicking away, perhaps she is trying to tell me to get on with it and stop procrastinating!

Have a good day.

Rosie x


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