Afternoon Naps…my Saviour!

"Business Lady Sleeping On Table"

“Business Lady Sleeping On Table”

After my post yesterday about working on the sofa, I discovered that I am more productive when I feel comfortable (who’d have thunk it!) and so today has spent sitting on the sofa reading journal articles on my ipad, feeling very smug with how much work I am managing to get done!

Over the past few days I have discovered two things about myself: that I can work on the sofa without my brain switching off, and two that I work so much better when I have an afternoon nap. This one has taken me a long time to get my head around. As I am into my third trimester I feel extremely tired in the afternoons (more so than normal) and as such my work rate is minimal after lunch. However, I have started getting into a habit of having an afternoon nap whilst listening to Katherine Graves’ Colour and Calmness track, and I must say I feel so much better afterwards; I become more productive with work, and it also means I can spend quality time with hubby in the evenings without nodding off after dinner!

I think this comes back to the fact that we need to realise it’s OK to stop, take a break and go back to your work later, you will thank yourself for that power nap. Of course this isn’t always possible if you are not working from home or if you have a small child (although I will be taking the advice of sleeping when baby sleeps!) however, I’m sure just taking a small break from routine can make you more produce in the long run.

Well, as my eyelids are getting heavy I’d better hop foot it to my next appointment – power nap!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Rosie x




One thought on “Afternoon Naps…my Saviour!

  1. I’m immensely envious … the post-lunch dip is the toughest time for me in terms of motivation too but tricky to nap in the middle of an office! Congrats on reaching the third trimester 🙂

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