Things to do on Maternity Leave




Time is zooming so fast at the moment, I can’t believe I officially start my maternity leave in 2 weeks! Although in that time I still plan on reading journal articles and updating my PhD plans, but it does mean no more travelling, and no more sitting in uncomfortable offices huzzah!

I am starting to think about what to do to occupy my brain whilst on maternity leave. What would be your top tips for keeping entertained? Do you have any favourite books you would recommend or favourite films?

I have set up a bloglovin account and have started following some really interesting blogs. If you have a blog or would like to recommend a blog, please put the link in the comments. It can be about anything, inspire me!

This morning I am off for a picnic with a local baby and toddler group, I thought this would be a great way to meet other mums and so that I am familiar with the group by the time baby arrives. I think this will be a lovely Friday activity whilst I am off on maternity.

I would love to hear from other mums about how they spent their maternity leave preparing for their new arrival. Our house is pretty much sorted now, but I think I will focus the next few weeks on exercising more and preparing my body for birth. Morning routine – yoga, then breech tilt (little girl hasn’t moved yet) followed with pelvic floor exercises, with a well deserved nutritious breakfast 🙂

This is the plan, I’ll keep you posted on my maternity leave activities!

Have a great weekend.

Rosie x






2 thoughts on “Things to do on Maternity Leave

  1. I will be off on mine a week today so will let you know! … yoga, walks in the park, maybe reading a book, not sitting hunched at a desk, drinking lots of tea & eating biscuits … these are all on the hit list before the baby shows up. Hope you enjoy yours!

    • That sounds like a brilliant list of activities, particularly the drinking tea and eating biscuits part! 🙂 Enjoy! Look forward to hearing how you spend yours! x

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