Time Spent Wisely

Today has been an odd day, filled with lots of procrastination but with golden moments in between. I somehow managed to write a coherent initial plan for my research study, read (and made useful notes) on interesting journal articles on agitation in dementia, whilst also spending mindless hours on Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and having an afternoon nap!

This is the complete opposite to my usual working pattern, starting at 7am and working solidly until hubby comes home at 4.30 (with lunch at some point in between ate at my computer).

Just as my body is starting to get used to lack of sleep at night, at moment I often wake up to go to the toilet, or to stretch my cramped leg, perhaps my brain is preparing itself for working in a different way.

I should think of these next few weeks as brain training! Once the baby is here gone will be the days of working 9 hours without disruption, and I therefore need to adapt to this change.

Thinking about this, I’ve realised that if I do work in small chunks then the time I spend on my PhD needs to be of a high quality. This takes me back to my post of a few weeks back – 500 words a day – where you aim to write 500 words a day on your research. Perhaps this sort of small target is what I should set myself, during this time my phone should be set to silent, and social media definitely banned. That way I can feel that my time is being spent wisely and I am moving forward with my research.

Has anyone else set themselves small targets like this? I would be interested to hear your suggestions.

I shall leave you with a picture of my spaniel, Bertie, he is rubbish at motivating me to do work as he is always asleep!



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