Conflicting Opinions


Hope you have all got nice things planned for the weekend, I think mine will be spent reading Sociology for Dummies and other similar books.

When I started my PhD last Autumn, I started working on a think piece about what form my research could take and how this fits into sociology; my supervisor was very happy with this and I was on a good track with my work. A couple of weeks ago I met with a consultant (who had helped me with my Master’s research) and he is keen on my research taking the form of RCTs, looking at comparing individual’s reactions to music. At the time I thought this sounded great and so I changed my proposal to incorporate this new way of thinking.

Fair to say my tutor is not happy with this at all, my proposal has now moved away from sociology and my original plan and think piece. Feeling a bit deflated today as I feel pulled from both directions! However, perhaps I need to remind myself that I am studying in sociology (steep learning curve as I haven’t studied in this field before) and I really should be doing what makes my University happy not trying to please clinical contacts.

Therefore today and the next few days will be spent reading about sociological theories, research methods, and the sociology of health in an attempt to get my mind to start thinking in a more sociological way. If you know of any good books in this area let me know!

For now I shall put this set back down to experience; I’ll spend the next 2 weeks (whilst my tutor is on holiday) working on getting my proposal back on track, and when meeting clinicians make sure to stick to my guns.

I fear this is easier said than done!!



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