Cabin Fever

This has been the first week that I have been working from home every day, and I must admit I have been going a bit stir crazy being cooped up! My ‘work colleagues’ have now become my two cocker spaniels, and they just don’t seem to understand my dilemma when exploring the sociology of health and illness!

I still feel that reading books is a form of procrastination, and that reading journal articles on my computer is much more productive. This of course isn’t true, but I seem to have a mental block when it comes to reading at home.

I find that as I am working from home I haven’t made an effort with my appearance, and this in turns makes me feel lousy and run down, and a circle starts forming! Hubby has been working long hours, with us spending around 3 hours together in the evening, and so I end up working long hours myself as I find it hard to switch off from work.

I need to re-gain control before I go crazy! So starting from next week I’m going to make small changes:

– make an effort with my appearance as if I was going to work (after all I am at work, it just happens to be at home).

– spend a morning working in a local coffee shop, in the past I’ve loved this way of working, it provides social interaction but at the same time gives me space to focus on my work.

– contact fellow PhD candidates in my faculty to share ideas and experiences (ups and downs).

– go for a walk to help organise my thoughts.

– when I have finished work, spend time in the nursery to relax and clear my head, allowing for a shift between PhD candidate Rosie working from home, and mum to be and wife Rosie enjoying family life at home.

I’ll share more ideas over the coming weeks! Do you have any ideas to stop you getting cabin fever? I feel I need to work on this now before baby is here, so I have this under control!

How have mums on maternity leave been coping with being at home all the time? Are you reading any good books, watching any interesting TV programmes, joining local clubs? I’d love to hear your experiences.



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