The Superwoman Fallacy


I found an old article online which I thought I should share with you:

The superwoman fallacy what it really takes to be an academic and parent

Although this article is aimed at working in academia, it is also appropriate to business life too. The author, Melissa Terras, provides a refreshing account of managing work life and motherhood, and (contrary to popular belief) being good at both.

She emphasises that she is able to do this due to the flexibility of both her and her partner’s jobs, she often works from home and she can be flexible with her hours (sometimes working late in the evenings). This is very true for small business owners too, you decide your priorities and can manage your time wisely in order to meet deadlines; gone are the days of working in an office 9-5 Monday-Friday (huzzah!)

Having an open mind helps (as does a big cup of coffee and a tablet computer!) and realising it’s OK to take time out, in fact you will be more productive if you do; go back to the task when you are in a better frame of mind. 

This will be hard, especially if you are like me and used to routine, but it will be completely worth it when you (hopefully!) have a contented child and satisfied clients or academic supervisors!

I’ll revisit this post in a few months time to add my reflections…


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