Blackmore Vale Business Awards


Well, who knew what news we would be waking up to this morning; I’m very happy that Scotland voted to stay part of the UK, let’s continue to be united.

I had a fantastic evening at the Blackmore Vale Business Awards last night.The theme was 1920s dress, and I must say I felt even more of a whale compared with the skinny women dressed in their flapper dresses and stilettos, whilst I wore a huge maxi dress, squeezing my ever expanding feet into unflattering flat shoes!!

It was inspiring to see so many local businesses at the event, and to hear of the companies that had been passed down through many generations. I was very proud to see many award winning businesses from my local town in rural Dorset.

Unfortunately I didn’t win the Business Woman of the Year award, but I was very happy to lose to our local vet (I’m sure my spaniels are delighted!) However, to have been chosen as one of 3 finalists was a great achievement, and I am honoured to have even got this far.

What a fantastic evening with glitz, glam, and great company. Unfortunately I am feeling the effects this morning (late night, early start). So today’s plan is to put my swollen feet up and rest, only 9 days to go until my due date!


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