EASY baby

During my pregnancy I read Tracy Hogg’s book ‘the baby whisperer’ and I must say the EASY plan really appealed to me as I liked the sound of a structured yet flexible routine.

For the past couple of weeks I had been keeping Eleanor feed on demand and she was actually going for about 3 hours between feeds anyway even at night. However, the past couple of days she has become more vocal and I have found myself perhaps misreading her cues and feeding constantly.

So today I am going to try and start implementing the EASY routine – Eat (feed for 25-40mins every 2.5-3 hours), Activity (nappy change, talking), Sleep (naps of half hour to hour), You (an hour or more of time to yourself).

Obviously if she is definitely hungry I won’t push to get to the 2.5 hours, but I really like the sound of having a routine such as this where we all understand what happens next.

I know that this method is very controversial and bear in mind Eleanor is my first child so this could all go out of the window and I might decide it’s not for us.

I’ll keep you posted on how we find it. So far I have struggled to get Eleanor to feed for longer than 15 mins so our gaps between feeds will probably be shorter.

Have you used Tracy Hogg’s method? I would love to hear about your experiences, good and bad!


One thought on “EASY baby

  1. Hi there, I tried this technique with my 3rd child as she was born a bad sleeper… It didn’t work for us just made me feel guilty. If she’s a quick feeder then she might not be getting enough food for sleeping through, OR she may be a very efficient feeder! Good luck, no baby is the same!

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