Day 1 of EASY plan

Yesterday I tried to implement Tracy Hogg’s EASY plan, try being the operative word!

It ended in tears from both of us, I ended up feeling very stressed if Eleanor cried for food an hour after I had last fed (not the 2.5-3 hours suggested by Hogg) and felt like a failure when I fed her.

I like the idea of the EASY plan but perhaps for slightly older babies, not newborns.

So I’ve gone back to bring baby led (much better for my sanity!) But using the EASY principles, so doing an activity after feeding, followed by sleep etc. Will see if we have a better day today!


2 thoughts on “Day 1 of EASY plan

  1. If I learned one thing from having my son, it’s this – throw the books away! I probably sound flippant but I don’t mean to. I learned the hard way that (as you found yesterday) the best thing to do is what works for you and your baby. And what works for both of you will change from day to day. Try and go with it. (By the way, I literally did throw the books away after a few weeks. The one and only time I have actually put books in the bin. They just made me feel bad.) You are Eleanor’s Mummy and although it may not always feel like you know best, you do. You’re doing a great job.

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