The New ‘Normal’

For the first time in 4 weeks I am starting to feel a bit more like my self, Eleanor had a good solid 5 hours sleep last night 🙂 We got up at 6am with my husband (as we do every day) and after a cuddle and feed Eleanor went back to sleep in her carry cot downstairs. Seeing as I am feeling very refreshed this morning I decided to do a little bit of work whilst she is asleep; it felt so good to be thinking about my research again.

So far I am taking small baby steps, looking back over my tutor’s comments on my think piece and literature reviews, jogging my memory of my thoughts when I last worked on my research. Every now and then I have to stop to check on Eleanor as she has a tendency to snort and grunt in her sleep! Next step is to start reading journal articles, and hopefully my ‘baby brain’ won’t get in the way (although I’m still not convinced there is such a thing!).

The great thing about working on my literature review at this time is that it is easy to work in chunks, reading an article at a time, making notes as I go along so that I can leave it (when Eleanor demands milk!) and go back to it at a later time. I am yet to master breastfeeding and holding my ipad so that I can read!

The new normal seems to be working out pretty well for us; although running my own company and conducting research in an area which I am passionate about is pretty great,  I must say that being a mum really is the best job in the world!


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