Must haves for a new mum

I’m sat here with baby Eleanor on my lap, thinking about the items which have been essential over the part month. If you are currently pregnant or thinking of what to buy a new mum, these should be on your shopping list.

In no particular order:

Spare phone charger
Annoyingly 2 days before I was due, my phone charger gave up the ghost, luckily I asked a friend for one in case I went into labour before a new one arrived, and low and behold I did! So I was very glad to have this spare.

Travel Mug
After countless times of making a cup of tea only to leave it to go cold as I was called off to various motherly duties (it seems babies don’t like being kept waiting, who knew?!) hubby suggested I used my travel mug to keep my tea warm. What a great idea! I haven’t drunk from a cup since. Plus my travel mug looks like a pint of Guinness, practical and makes me smile!

For the first few days this was a god send while my breasts adjusted to having a little person attached to them all day!

Heated breast pads
These were great for relieving any pain (plus they kept me warm on chilly days!) Just popped them in the microwave for 20 seconds, voila!

Amazon Prime
Amazon prime has got me through some sleepless nights and lazy days, I have worked my way through the entire series of the OC, am now starting on West Wing and Grey’s Anatomy, and I have watched copious amounts of films! For the £75 annual fee (including all films, TV shows, free postage on items ordered from Amazon, and one free kindle book per month) I think it is well worth it.

Eleanor gets quite bad wind, and after a couple of nights where she screamed for hours, we decided we needed to do something! Infacol is brilliant, it doesn’t get rid of her wind completely but she does seem more settled. Unsure when to stop using it in case we have another stressful night!

We’ve had this from day 1 (on the recommendation of a cousin who found it a life saver) so we don’t have a comparison, but Eleanor does sleep very well in the sleepyhead in her crib. It does look very cosy and I’m sure Eleanor likes being cocooned.

We have a travel system (second hand for £100 bargain!) which we use for Eleanor to sleep in during the day (away from nosey spaniels). But we have realised that going on dog walks across the countryside it is much easier to take Eleanor in a sling. We bought an ergo baby carrier (second hand) and a newborn insert. Its great, really sturdy. The only problem is Eleanor has a tendency to faceplant my chest so I am forever having to move her head! Great to take her out and about in, and it even has a hood, should we be out in the rain (let’s face it we are in England!)

Magazine subscription
Last year my hubby bought me a subscription to woman and home. I kept the last 4 months magazines and decided I would read them while I was bored at home (little did I know then that having a baby is anything but boring!) However, when I have had some time to myself it’s been great to flick through the magazine even if I end up just looking at the pictures!


Now this one is very important, when I have been feeling run down, tired and covered in sick, a square (or 3) of green and black’s chocolate is certain to cheer me up!

What would your essential items be for new mums? Let me know!


3 thoughts on “Must haves for a new mum

  1. With the Infacol, you will find that your little one wont go back to screaming if she doesn’t use it. Young infants have very under developed tummies and as each day goes by the stomach starts to develop, thus able to sort their wind better 🙂
    Another essential I loved was lavender oil to use in a nice warm bath xxx

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