Banging my head against a brick wall

Since I began my PhD I have been trying to get funding with no luck. I have been self funded for the past 18 months, which is doable (thanks to my lovely husband), but it has meant in the past that I have taken on paid work and had to put my PhD to once side purely because money wins.

Over the past few months I have submitted more funding applications and letters to charitable trusts. Before I used to get a flutter when I received a letter in the post from the funder, now my heart sinks as I can guess what it will say ‘thank you for your application but unfortunately…’ This doesn’t stop me, I think I am addicted to writing funding applications!

However, since Ellie’s arrival, my time is now precious and gone are the days of dedicating 8 solid hours to writing funding bids. Therefore I am conscious that the more time I spend on writing applications (that will probably be unsuccessful) the less time I have to actually work on my PhD.

Someone suggested the other day that I should consider crowd funding, and they showed eve a platform for crowd funding education. But this makes me think it would be an even bigger time waster with very little reward (please tell me if I’m wrong!)

Now that Ellie is here it is even more important that I receive funding as I will not be working as much. So it is a real big catch 22 at the moment, do I spend time trying to get funding for the next few years or do I crack on and hope an opportunity will arise? I’ve contacted all of my contacts in this field, so there is a chance that they may contact me if they hear of any suitable funding out there. But I feel I shouldn’t rely on this…

Sorry to sound so pessimistic. I love working on my PhD, but I think I can’t think of it as a job until I have funding. At the moment it just seems like a nice hobby.

I would love to hear about other peoples experiences of funding their PhD.

Rosie x



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