I’ve just submitted my research project on Hubub. I thought it best to breakdown my research into chunks for crowdfunding, so this project is for the project planning and meeting of focus groups (£2,000 max).

I am still sceptical about crowdfunding, but I am willing to try anything and it didn’t take too long to set up (mainly copying and pasting from previous funding bids). Has anyone used crowdfuding to fund their research, project or business? I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts.

Ellie has been asleep from 06:30-10:00 today which has been the perfect time for me to crack on with work (I swear sleep is overrated!) so I’m finished for the day. Off to the clinic to see how our chunky monkey is getting along and then we have an afternoon filled with snuggling on the sofa, reading, watching Christmas films and eating yummy treats 🙂

Have a good day!

Rosie x


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