New Year New Perspective

Happy New Year and all that! We brought in the new year at 22.30 and subsequently went to bed (parenthood is so rock and roll!). I was however, awake to bring in the new year as our dog got spooked by the neighbours fireworks and decided to sit on my head for comfort!

I think that this is the first new year where I haven’t promised to get more work. In fact, my resolution for this year is to say ‘no’ more, cut down on work and focus more on my family and our new arrival.

My main focus is to work harder on my PhD and less working away from home. I am very lucky that I am able to do this as I run my own company which fits perfectly around baby and is easy to manage whilst she is asleep and less demanding of my attention. The aim is to only work away from home 1 day a week. My work in hospitals is freelance and ad hoc which is perfect.

My goal remains the same, to eventually live in a bigger house in the countryside and to become a lecturer after my PhD. Therefore everything I do work wise this year needs to help me move towards this goal.

Do you have any useful tips for securing a job in academia? Also, any tips on selling your house privately or through an online estate agent would be much appreciated!

Here’s to a fab 2015!

Rosie x


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