Planning or Literature Review which comes first?


Very lucky that baby Ellie is sleeping for long stretches at the moment, giving me a good chunk of the morning to dedicate to my work.
I am in a predicament at the moment, I have been planning out my study to start in the autumn, I am conscious that the musician I will be using is away for a few weeks and so need to plan the study around this, whilst also bearing in mind the time it will take for ethical approval.

I am wondering how long the study should be, 4 weeks or more? What is the criteria for deciding the length of the study? Should u be reading more before contemplating the length of the study? Once I decide on my main aims, perhaps this will become clearer.

I only have small windows to conduct my study, Winter is usually a bad time to run a study in hospitals because of the winter bug. I am planning on being pregnant towards the end of next year and so would like to write up my analyses before then. I know things don’t always go to plan but this is the rough idea!

Any advice would be much appreciated!



One thought on “Planning or Literature Review which comes first?

  1. I think it depends on what your study is exactly – what data do you need to collect? Would it be helpful to plan data collection in two separate sessions to span a wider time frame? I wish I had had a clearer idea of what I wanted to do before I started data collection as my earlier data now no longer fits in with my study. On the other hand, it was only by making the early “mistakes” that I realised what I did actually want to do. Not much help, am I? 🙂

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