First Child-Free Morning!

So a big milestone happened today, I took baby Ellie to the childminders for the first time. After a few tears (from me!) everything went off to a good start, I left Ellie sitting happily watching the other children, oblivious of the guilt felt by her mummy.

Luckily I had a busy day training up a new franchisee for Musica and so my mind was well and truly occupied. I even managed to resist calling the childminder just to see how things were going.

The training went very well, and I had time to spare to grab lunch, and tidy up before collecting my baby girl. When I arrived it took Ellie a couple of seconds to register who I was… and then she beamed at me, the biggest smile I have seen! She had a fab morning and seemed to enjoy herself.

Glad the first hurdle is over, next Wednesday should be much easier for me!

Now Ellie is fast asleep, tired from her busy morning, and I am cracking on with work. Perfect!

Rosie x


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