More Copenhagen for your Krone

For those of you who enjoy travelling you might like to read this blog, written by one of my best friends, Sarah Dabrowski 🙂

Sarah Burns

I returned from a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen a week ago today and thought it’s about time the myth of ‘expensive Copenhagen’ was bust as my trip was nothing but reasonable and full to the brim with food, drink and activities. I went on my city break with Cari, a close friend from my Uni days and had plucked Copenhagen as our destination from the cheap flight list on Skyscanner. We flew late last Friday evening, meeting in Copenhagen after flying from Edinburgh and Bristol respectively. A short 90 minute flight, it’s a handy weekend destination.

In advance of our trip we had researched tourist options including the Copenhagen Card – a must have for tourists including admission to museums and places of interest as well as most importantly all transport including from the airport to the city centre. We collected it at the airport and within 30 minutes were arriving at our…

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