Day 1 of EASY plan

Yesterday I tried to implement Tracy Hogg’s EASY plan, try being the operative word!

It ended in tears from both of us, I ended up feeling very stressed if Eleanor cried for food an hour after I had last fed (not the 2.5-3 hours suggested by Hogg) and felt like a failure when I fed her.

I like the idea of the EASY plan but perhaps for slightly older babies, not newborns.

So I’ve gone back to bring baby led (much better for my sanity!) But using the EASY principles, so doing an activity after feeding, followed by sleep etc. Will see if we have a better day today!


EASY baby

During my pregnancy I read Tracy Hogg’s book ‘the baby whisperer’ and I must say the EASY plan really appealed to me as I liked the sound of a structured yet flexible routine.

For the past couple of weeks I had been keeping Eleanor feed on demand and she was actually going for about 3 hours between feeds anyway even at night. However, the past couple of days she has become more vocal and I have found myself perhaps misreading her cues and feeding constantly.

So today I am going to try and start implementing the EASY routine – Eat (feed for 25-40mins every 2.5-3 hours), Activity (nappy change, talking), Sleep (naps of half hour to hour), You (an hour or more of time to yourself).

Obviously if she is definitely hungry I won’t push to get to the 2.5 hours, but I really like the sound of having a routine such as this where we all understand what happens next.

I know that this method is very controversial and bear in mind Eleanor is my first child so this could all go out of the window and I might decide it’s not for us.

I’ll keep you posted on how we find it. So far I have struggled to get Eleanor to feed for longer than 15 mins so our gaps between feeds will probably be shorter.

Have you used Tracy Hogg’s method? I would love to hear about your experiences, good and bad!

She’s here!

I’m delighted to announce that our little bundle of joy, Eleanor Catherine Mead was born on 28th September weighing a healthy 8lb 2.

The labour was amazing, and Eleanor is a pretty chilled out baby. There is a lot to be said for positive thinking and keeping active.

For months I had been preparing our two spaniels for our new arrival and it really paid off. Months ago we set the buggy up in our living room and the crib in our bedroom as well as numerous baby gates to keep the dogs out of certain rooms as required. I also sat on the sofa with a doll and played a baby noises for poets CD. Some people thought I was crazy, but it really worked and our very excitable spaniels are extremely calm around Eleanor. I would definitely recommend this sort of preparation for anyone expecting who has dogs.

At the moment I am spending most of my time feeding Eleanor or mapping, but I have found time to do little bits of work. However, a small task now takes much longer than before and is often spread out over a few hours!

Hubby is back to work today, so let chaos ensue!!


The Memory Maker

How would you capture special memories? I am currently keeping a scrap book and journal of my pregnancy, I think this is more sentimental than using an on line tool such as Pinterest. What do you think?

A working mum...with stay at home values

Their first drawing, their first painting, their first tracing-so hard to throw them all away. I keep scrap books stuffed with these items and in one book I cut the pictures out and use them like a picture alphabet book so they can be looked at for learning and not just stuffed behind the sofa.

This got me wondering if there are any other ideas for keeping our memories alive.


Take a photo of your child’s artwork and collect the photographs on Pinterest for them to see when they’re older. No need to keep heaps of paper


An app that lets you capture works of art, special times and messages all in one place by their age. Bring the memories to life


Nothing better than looking through objects that have an important meaning no matter how small. I have shells, jewellery, cards, photos and…

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