Pain free birth… Really!

People have been asking me to share my birth story, so I have finally got around to writing it!

When I tell my friends that I had a pain free birth they stare at me quizzically, call me deluded, or tell me I must have forgotten the pain. To be honest I would have said the same a year ago.

However, even my husband vouches that our first child Eleanor, was born into the world easily and calmly on 28th Septmber. I believe that this is all due to the fact that I stayed active during my pregnancy. From week 8 I began attending local pregnancy yoga classes, aquanatal sessions, and right until the end of my pregnancy I was out waking the dogs, although admittedly I was a lot slower in the last month!

From the 25th week of my pregnancy I started attending a Lazy Daisy group in Wimborne Minster, and the techniques I learned were the reason that I had such a smooth labour.

On Sunday 28th September my husband and I were shopping in the co-op when my waters broke! We got home and I began moving on my birthing ball, I could hear my class leader saying ‘rotate to dilate!’ Unfortunately my TENs machine had stopped working (typical!) so I just had 2 paracetamol.

On the way to the hospital (45minute drive) I listened to a natal hypnotherapy CD which I had listened to throughout my pregnancy. This helped me to mentally prepare for the birth; I felt positive and completely in control of the situation.

Throughout the car journey I had strong cramps in my thighs, I made myself ignore these as I thought my contractions would be so much worse. It wasn’t until I got to hospital that I realised these were part of my contractions. Apparently the pain can be transferred to other parts of the body, who knew!

By the time I got to hospital I was 5cm dilated and still feeling fine. I kept active, moving on the birthing ball, on all fours, walking around. The main thing that got me through was the 4 and 8 breathing (breathe in for 4 seconds, out for 8), this worked really well with gas and air.

I quickly got to 10cm dilated and was ready to push. My plan of having a water birth went out of the window as the midwife was concerned I wouldn’t make it to the water birthing room! Unfortunately after this things actually slowed down and I had a slow second stage as I was getting tired. Despite my husband’s best efforts of feeding me haribo and apricots, I need a bit more assistance.

The Dr was called, and they administered a drip to strengthen my contractions, and eventually decided to use a ventouse. During the pushing stage I stopped having gas and air as I was so focussed, I was determined to meet our baby girl.

At 19.11 (8.5 hours after my waters broke) Eleanor Catherine Mead was born, weighing a healthy 8lb 2. Even though she was delivered by ventouse and I had an episiotomy I really didn’t feel pain, just pressure.

I had the most amazing birth experience, and I would love for other women to know that it is possible to have a pain free birth, yes really! But even for women that don’t have the positive experience I did, the result is the same, we all have our beautiful babies at the end of it, this thought keeps you going.

I would like to thank the staff at Yeovil District Hospital for looking after me and helping me through my journey, they really were amazing and I can’t wait to go through it all again (let’s give it at least a couple of years though!)



So Many Baby Clothes!


Hope you all had a great weekend. We had a lovely weekend in Wales with my best friend (and baby’s Godmother). She loaded us up with hand-me-downs and lots of clothes! Think we are all set now ūüôā

Hubby has got the day off today, so the plan is to go for a swim, sort the mound of clothes into different ages and finish re-arranging the nursery. All starting to feel very real!

Have a good day.


So many clothes!

First day of Maternity Leave


I began my first ‘official’ day of maternity leave today, I still woke up at 6am with Jon¬†as I’m always an early riser! We took the dogs on a walk before Jon left for work, and once they had calmed down after their breakfast I began my new morning exercise routine.

I had a look for Pregnancy Yoga videos on YouTube, and came across this great series by Body Talk, to view the video click here. I completed videos 1 and 2 and found them to be very useful, although I was reminded of just how inflexible I am! I had come across some of the movements before in yoga classes I had attended, others were new, but I found the trainer very easy to follow and it helped that at the time of filming she was in the third trimester of pregnancy.

As my baby is currently breech I followed this up with a 15 minute breech tilt whilst listening to Rod Stewart! I found this video¬†to be useful in understanding how to do a breech tilt. I finished my exercise routine with some pelvic floor exercises using the ‘my pelvic floor fitness’ app developed by tena, this is a good little app to assist you with pelvic floor exercises, and you can set a daily reminder so you don’t forget to do them.

The rest of my day has been spent tidying and organising my office, in preparation for me solely working from home for the foreseeable future. Although I am on maternity leave I am still working on my PhD and overseeing my company but at a slower pace!

I’m off to work on a new service we are adding to the business next summer, currently hush hush but very exciting! As it is early days the scoping exercise consists of sitting in the garden reading books and journal articles on the subject, a girl could get used to this way of working!

Will let you know tomorrow what I think of the third and forth pregnancy yoga videos.

Hope all you mums to be are keeping cool!

Rosie x



Attending Baby and Toddler groups During Pregnancy

I just wanted to share with you what a great morning I’ve had. I plucked up the courage to go along to a baby and toddler picnic in the park near my house, organised by a local baby group.

I was a bit nervous at first, considering I was going along without a baby! But bump and I trundled across the park towards a group of friendly looking mums (and dads) and we were met by so many friendly smiles I immediately felt at ease. Over the 2 hours I really got to know the others in the group and their children (we even discovered my husband works with the husband of one of the other ladies!), I think this will be a lovely group to be part of. Once I start maternity I will attend the regular group where children can take part in art and craft activities, this sounds perfect and something I would love to bring our baby to.

It sounds like I won’t be short of things to do when baby is here, from discussions with other mums my week could look like this:

Monday – playgroup

Tuesday – baby and toddler group

Thursday breastfeeding group

Friday – baby and toddler group

And people said I wouldn’t have a social life once baby is here!

I would definitely recommend to any pregnant ladies to pluck up the courage and go along to one of your local baby and toddler groups, I’m so pleased I did!

Rosie x

Things to do on Maternity Leave




Time is zooming so fast at the moment, I can’t believe I officially start my maternity leave in 2 weeks! Although in that time I still plan on reading journal articles and updating my PhD plans, but it does mean no more travelling, and no more sitting in uncomfortable offices huzzah!

I am starting to think about what to do to occupy my brain whilst on maternity leave. What would be your top tips for keeping entertained? Do you have any favourite books you would recommend or favourite films?

I have set up a bloglovin account and have started following some really interesting blogs. If you have a blog or would like to recommend a blog, please put the link in the comments. It can be about anything, inspire me!

This morning I am off for a picnic with a local baby and toddler group, I thought this would be a great way to meet other mums and so that I am familiar with the group by the time baby arrives. I think this will be a lovely Friday activity whilst I am off on maternity.

I would love to hear from other mums about how they spent their maternity leave preparing for their new arrival. Our house is pretty much sorted now, but I think I will focus the next few weeks on exercising more and preparing my body for birth. Morning routine – yoga, then¬†breech tilt (little girl hasn’t moved yet) followed with pelvic floor exercises, with a well deserved nutritious breakfast ūüôā

This is the plan, I’ll keep you posted on my maternity leave activities!

Have a great weekend.

Rosie x





“You won’t be able to do that once your baby is here”

Over the last week I have heard the same tune from a variety of people, the one that goes along the lines of “you won’t be able to do that once your baby is here” I’m sure other mums and dads are familiar with this¬†one!

Firstly, a lecturer at University pretty much laughed in my face when I mentioned that I will be taking 6 months maternity leave from my PhD but in that time I am planning on doing a little bit of work (reading journal articles when I can and keeping ¬†a note of any thoughts I have). This was met with the following response: “you’ll be lucky if you take anything in, you will probably want to take a year off”.

Secondly, last autumn I started a distance learning proofreading course, because of other commitments I took a long time to submit the first assignment, but I had scheduled into my timetable that I could finish the course over this summer before the baby is here. The feedback for my first assignment arrived last Friday; it was so rude that it was hilarious! My tutor basically told me I couldn’t possibly do this course with a baby on the way and suggested I left the course, got a refund and returned at a more suitable point. I was fuming, I did take the refund (more money towards our new arrival!). Realistically I now don’t think I would have had time over the summer, but this has nothing to do with the fact that I’m pregnant. I was however amazed at how this person thought they could advise me on my personal situation.

Lastly,¬†relatives and friends with small children still delight in telling¬†us that the baby will ruin our social life and we won’t have a minute to ourselves, it’s terrible, doom and gloom etc…..

I still want to keep positive and I hope this isn’t just naive of me to think this way. Our social life consists of seeing family and friends, dog walks and country pub lunches all of which I am sure can accommodate a baby. With regards to work parents are itching to be involved and help with child care so that I can focus on my work as and when needed. I’m not going to rush back to work, but I am hoping to adjust my working pattern to working in small chunks when possible, a perk of working for yourself.

I don’t doubt that I will be exhausted and busy, but I’m sure being busy looking after your family, the people you love with all your heart, is the best kind of busy there is.

Rosie x







Afternoon Naps…my Saviour!

"Business Lady Sleeping On Table"

“Business Lady Sleeping On Table”

After my post yesterday about working on the sofa, I discovered that I am more productive when I feel comfortable (who’d have thunk it!) and so today has spent sitting on the sofa reading journal articles on my ipad, feeling very smug with how much work I am managing to get done!

Over the past few days I have discovered two things about myself: that I can work on the sofa without my brain switching off, and two that I work so much better when I have an afternoon nap. This one has taken me a long time to get my head around. As I am into my third trimester I feel extremely tired in the afternoons (more so than normal) and as such my work rate is minimal after lunch. However, I have started getting into a habit of having an afternoon nap whilst listening to Katherine Graves’ Colour and Calmness track, and I must say I feel so much better afterwards; I become more productive with work, and it also means I can spend quality time with hubby in the evenings without nodding off after dinner!

I think this comes back to the fact that we need to realise it’s OK to stop, take a break and go back to your work later, you will thank yourself for that power nap. Of course this isn’t always possible if you are not working from home or if you have a small child (although I will be taking the advice of sleeping when baby sleeps!) however, I’m sure just taking a small break from routine can make you more produce in the long run.

Well, as my eyelids are getting heavy I’d better hop foot it to my¬†next appointment – power nap!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Rosie x